1. @BoyGeorge backstage at @LateNightSeth…Tune in tonight (©NBC)


  2. Another shot from when @St_Vincent came by @LateNightSeth this week (©NBC)


  3. @St_Vincent stopped by this week to sit in with the @8GBand (©NBC)


  4. Drake on the set of Anchorman 2


  5. Paula Pell @Perlapell  left us a wee gift…. (©NBC)


  6. @MarnieStern sitting in with the @8GBand (©NBC)


  7. Ethan Hawke & Seth backstage at Late Night (©NBC)


  8. Joan Jett


  9. Brendan Gleeson @Calvaryfilm backstage @LateNightSeth (©NBC)


  10. Writer Seth Reiss @mattalbie60 looking a weebit stressed…. (©NBC)


  11. Creepy Clown @Shutuplutz (©NBC)



  13. The always pensive @GerardBradford 


  14. Seth Meyers (©NBC)


  15. I caught @Conner_Omalley up to no good….